Creature and Character Development: The that Kor’Jorian

The Kor’Jorian are another race of Savaged.  Often modern authors play with the concept of man attempting to become God, and the repercussions of those actions.  From the “Terminator” movie series to Michael Crichton‘s Jurassic Park novels.  This concept is something that fascinates us; as our technology level increase it is a boundary that we flirt with on an almost daily basis.  From cloned sheep to the exponential advancement of computer processors, it is possible (in our minds) that at some point soon man might be able to create life.

This brings up a load of fears, will our creations become us?  Just as we have become gods in creating them?  Will they replace us, as we are seeming to replace our gods?  The Kor’Jorian address this fear in my science fiction world.  In a much different way, as these are not man’s mechanical monsters, nor are they purely mechanical constructs, but what has evolved from a biological creature merging with their technology.

The Jori were a hive race, made up of clusters of semi intelligent multiple cell organisms, each about the size of bacteria.  As the hive clusters grew in size their intelligence level increase exponentially, some of the larger hive groups (about the size of a basket ball) are considered hyper-intelligent.

Their hive clusters often splitting and merging with other clusters allowing an entire population to share the same experience or focus on the same tasks.  In their ancient past the Jori encountered another space faring race, and were forced to defend themselves.  As a race without conventional bodies,and were almost exterminated, before they created their mechanical bodies.  The Kor’Jori were born.


In the Eons since their race was forced to inhabit Mechanical bodies, the Jori have evolved  considerably.  Now longer are the clusters large, their science and technology advanced enough that smaller clusters and even single organisms have expanded their abilities through artificial means.  At times it is hard to distinguish whether there is a even a surviving biological component to some Kor’Jori.

The Kor’Joirans have ruthlessly protected their planets for Eons, forever paranoid that another race will try to subjugate or destroy them.  Often seen as warlike, unfeeling machines, they have little to no contact with other races, and often when they do it is violent in nature.

Look for their spacecraft in my next post.




Rocks Fall…

A few months ago I joined a book club.  I know it seems like an old biddy sort of thing, but I did it anyway.  Being a Sci-Fi and Fantasy flavored book club, the first set of books we all decided to read was the “Song of Fire and Ice” by George R. R. Martin.

I am almost finished with the 3rd book and I have learned a bit of how this guy writes.  I like it, I like not having a well defined hero of villain.  I like the struggle that seems so close to real life.  I enjoy the tad bit of magic that is never really in your face.

I have also paid a lot of attention to the others in the book club and their reactions to the books, and without having any spoilers in this post, I have decided that George R. R. Martin has one unifying message in his novels…

U mad?, george r. r. martin-TheGrav


A long time ago I thought up a known universe, much like our own, just a bit farther in the future.  Since then I have worked on pieces of it here and there.  A future where: Galactic Empires, Republics, Guilds, and Economic Super-powers share our Universe.  Inspired by one of my favorite science fiction writers Larry Niven, I lumped them all into one universe, and called it Savaged.

Savaged is a savage place, where space is dark, dangerous, yet filled with wonderful races, and deep histories.  I am always working on Savaged in one way or another in fact, as I will post sometime in the future, my portfolio website is built around the idea of Savaged.  But for now a few tastes.

This is a Quantelian Battle Flag, it hangs in the Delphi Square Museum and War Memorial.  The flag shows an iconic depiction of the Quantelian Home System.  The Quantelian Republic is made up of three races from three different moons that orbit that same gas giant.

I was inspired by Middle Eastern and communist icons and flags when I began to design this flag.

Here is the Toleric Technocracy’s flag, so far there is no back story to these guys, other than their entire political and religious structure is based around technology.  The Technocracy is also not a race of people but a organization much like a trade guild or mega-corporation.  Many races from many walks of life behind an organization large enough to claim sovereignty.

The Toleric Technocracy has its own privatized military force, and its warship are the most feared and sought after in the galaxy.

Design concepts came from my two passions, space and machinery.

Finished the Teloric Flag today(Quantelian Flag a few months ago), time was about 2 hours each for the flags.

Design was done,  in illustrator as a wire frame, then basic colour and tone was added in Photoshop, before I moved to Painter to mix and apply colour/texture, finally they were both finished again in Photoshop.

More to Come.