I’m just gonna leave these here…

In a need to escape for a few minutes while I slammed down a burger, I jumped over to Geeks Are Sexy, Slashdot, Laughing Squid, and then just YouTube, and checked out all the fun I have missed over the last few days.

It seems Hollywood is gearing up to either piss us all off or stun us all into watching everything they feel we need to, again this season.  I love movies, but sometimes, let’s face it the trailer is just better than what you get.  In order of how much I want to see them:

First up should be no surprise, with these two as the lead actors I am not sure how it can be bad.  Denzel Washington seems to get these types of roles out every few years, but all in all I don’t think there is a single action movie of his I don’t own.  Not really sure what Ryan Reynolds will bring to this movie, but he can be funny, and he can do action, so I am sure we will get a little tad bit of his wit, and some sick as stupid stunts.

Joss Whedon, how could we go wrong?  My only complaint… Edward Norton should have returned as Hulk.

Okay okay, I know he is insane, but so are his characters, just not in the same way.  Tom Cruise is just to damn good at pulling off these Mission Impossible movies, and maybe this will be good enough that we can all collectively forgive the cast and crew of the 3rd movie.  And We can’t forget Simon Pegg.

Now this next one is a bit of a stretch for me, I really don’t like Kristin Stewart.. at all, nor do I normally like when people fuck with my Disney Movies, but.. something about this just makes me want to watch the movie anyway…

Of course Chris Hemsworth might sell it on his own, and maybe someone final gave Stewart a few acting lessons.  Plus there shouldn’t be any annoying “TEAM QUEEN” “TEAM MIRROR” bullshit out of this movie.. of course I could be wrong.

Hunger Games is last for a few reasons, mostly I still don’t know what I want to think about it.  I mean Lord of the Flies, and Battle Royale where amazing books, which just happened to have movie adaptations.  As cool as this looks, I am afraid it will be another weak teen movie, but I still want to see it based off this trailer.

Also to be fair I have not read the books, although almost everyone I knows tells me I need to, apparently there are similarities between the Hunger Games world and my own fictional alternate future City 7.

Lastly I will close with this pretty damn impressive Orchestra, playing Legend of Zelda.

Extra challenge..How many can you name??