Something killed the record store…

My parents raised me with a healthy appreciation of music, specifically rock and roll.  Combined with growing up in Oceanside (Southern California), which allowed me to have early exposure to the 1980s punk music, and rules that helped to enforce the idea that music was okay, but TV was a waste of time, I have grown up to hold Art and Music as major foundations in my life.

Growing up on the edge of the expanding internet and technology bubble I can remember the horror that was CuteFTP p2p music trading on a 24k modem…  The moment I finally got DSL, and Sean Parker released Napster.  But the record store had always remained a staple regardless.

Even in the free-for-all that existed in the few short years before Napster’s legality was questioned and the file sharing service was shut down, I found myself buying music whenever I could.  Sam Goody’s (Or Vinyl Pizza, for those of you old enough to be in the know :p) was a must on any trip I took to the mall.  As I began to leave High School behind I also began to seek out and find the old town Record Stores.  It’s like browsing through old books, vinyl has a smell, record stores have this essences that is somehow welcoming and embracing.

We lost so many of these independent havens of Rock and Roll when Sam Goody, Hot Topic, and their contemporaries rose to power and became the “Corporate” Music store.  Then iTunes and later Amazon and Google music services joined the marketplace.  As the dust has settled we seem to have just a few mega-stores that sell music.  Best-Buy, Fry’s, FYI, hell even Costco, but where are the old town independently owned Record Stores?

Sure I am a huge fan of online market places, and I am pretty quick to jump over to Amazon, or even the artist’s personal site to buy the tracks I want, but I miss those old squatted buildings.  Front windows covered in concert posters so deep it seem like night inside regardless of the hour, the stacked and filed records, and trays of CDs ready to flip through.  The endless cycle of mixed music that changes to reflect the current employees mood or tastes.  The signed bass, guitar or framed broken drumsticks marking the store front as a place eve artists drop by to poke through.

Even the ghost smells that cling to the carpet of buildings that have sold music for 40 years or more.  History escaping in the passing scent of cigarette smoke, booze, and marijuana.  Our last independent record store, here in Escondido CA, has died and been replaced with a Thai Massage/Nail Saloon.  Has an era ended?  Has the march of progress seen the slow death of the musical havens?

A moment of Silence for those that brought us so much beautiful sound.



Industrial, Dubstep, Jungle, Metal, Hardcore… My music always seems to fall into a dark/heavy sort of theme.  And when an artist or a group of artists can combine a few of those… well it gets better, to me anyway.

One of my all time favorite bands is KMFDM, they have been a source of inspiration and a comfort throughout the years.  Good music to work too, paint too, and just generally listen while doing stuff.




Skrillex is not a new find, but I did pick up one of his albums today so I figured it was time to make some noise in his court.  If you have been living under a rock, or you are just not one of us crazy people always looking for new music(Take your pick 🙂 ), you have probably heard of or heard some Dubstep.

If not, allow me to one your eyes to Skrillex:



Abandon All Ships

Here is another recent find of mine as far as music goes.  I was digging through a Revolver Magazine and started to just google/youtube search for some of the artists that where in the ads scattered throughout the pages.

These guys are another example of the type of fusion music I am starting to really dig on.  The mix of hardcore, metal and electronic music is pretty cool and changes enough of the “beat” that I can really dig what sound they are trying to create.

Defiantly guys to watch!


OMG Dubstep!

Look I couldn’t use “Daily Dubstep” again.. could I?

Just more Dubstep I find awesome, inspiring and good to work along with.  Example is an artist I enjoy, particularly some of the Dubstep mixes he is involved with.  Here are a few of my favorites:

First song of his I heard:

And another Favorite:

Enjoy!  I will be adding a new Category to this blog!  “Dubstep Assault!”  Where I plan to share new dubstep I find around the net!



Tinie, a review…

Music is one area I find inspiration.  If I were to sum up how I see life it would be: “Art + Music = Life”.

I am on an almost endless quest to find new music to code to, to paint to, to drive to…  Metal, Punk and Hardcore are my normal fall backs for most music I enjoy.  As a former bassist and later lead screamer in the So Cal Hardcore indie scene,  it is not that surprising that these are my favorites.  But I also have a deep and old appreciation for Rap and Jungle, which have probably led to my preference towards Dubstep when I am working long hours.

I am a bit of an Audiophile, but in my own way, and I am by no means a standard to which the music industry should set itself.  With that said, here is my review of Tinie Tempah‘s Disc-Overy.  In case you are from the States, never use YouTube and have been living under a rock, I present Exhibit A:

So how did I find this guy?  Well A few months ago I was on UKFDubstep adding random songs to build a work playlist, this is something I do often.  Well to make my playlists more random every few songs I stop working and take a second to look through what YouTube has linked to the song I am listening too.  Then I add a few of those.  I found this guy, listened to as much of his stuff as I could, and then tried to hunt his CD down state-side.  Didn’t happen.

Well work, both at my job, and freelance, got REALLY busy so I lost track of my search for a bit.  Earlier this month however I ordered Tinie’s CD through, tossed it into my car stereo when it arrived, and have had it on repeat for the last few days on my commute.  What I really like about this guy is how he mixes different forms of music that I am interested in.  This is by no means limited to just this artist, I honestly find that a lot of British and European Musicians mix different genres of music in away that I find interesting.

This album is a little bit more rap intensive than I would normally feature in a work play-list, but I honestly do find it very inspiring and great to work(and drive) too.  I recommend Tinie Tempah to anyone that likes Rap, Dubstep, Jungle, or if you are just looking for something new and different.

More later.