An obsession with sunsets…

I take lots of photos of the sunset here are a few recent shots:


On the road, between Des Moines and San Diego…valleycenter1

Playing with the depth of field and focus at my mom’s place in Valley Center, California…valleycenter2


Same shot, new focus…


Mason’s Monument to Washington, Photoblog

Free Mason‘s Monument to George Washington..


Full view, I admit in these few photos… you gotta wonder if Dan Brown knows something.  Very imposing and totalitarian architecture.




Totally had a Kung-Fu Panda Moment..


During this DC trip, I somehow started catching all sorts of Orbs.


FRONT DOOR!  It was made for Giants!


Washington Accepting a surrender in a mural.




Room built to look like an original Mason Lodge, the chair in the background was Washington’s at one point.




More pictures and items from that same original Mason hall.


Dentist and surgeon… had a set of twin dueling pistols.  Apparently “do no harm” was not part of the code back in the day.


Cool crest in the museum part…


The Desk Washington took to war, the other side of the desk would have been used by his adjunct.





Relics from the Washington household…


Old brick buildings in Alexandria 🙂


View from the top of the tower, into Old Alexandria.


View into the Capital Mall from the top of the Tower in Alexandria.


Masonic symbol seen from the tower…


DC Photoblog, Capital Mall


Another set of my sight seeing photos from DC.


Look, they decided stuff there!






Smithsonian Portrait Museum… I think… Could have also been just the Art Museum…


Same Building, different angle…


Another Smithsonian building, not sure which one..


Safest place to wait out a zombie apocalypse… totally devoid of brains…


Washington OBELISK TO THE SUN!  I mean Monument… 😀


Washington Monument from another angle.


Suddenly a Wild Sister Appears!


Base of the Monument, it was late June, so can’t remember why we were at half mast..


The white roof in the background is the White House, this is as close as we bothered getting 🙂




Food and Drug Admin…



DC, The City…

Street performer outside the Metro.  

National Achieves.

Navy Memorial

J Edgar Hoover Building, FBI Headquarters…

Catholic Boys and Girls School by Metro Center.

I Caught an orb!