Working on the House, In Illustrator…

As you may have guessed I am not working on a house ūüôā ¬†Just working on a house icon in Illustrator. ¬†When I get down to icon work I do one of two things. ¬†1) ¬†A long work-up often including, prototypes, google searches, sketches, sleeping on it, and then making someone else decide, not listening to them and going with something else. ¬†Or 2) ¬†Sit down and slap something neat looking together in Illustrator…

Today I used method two and came up with this little Icon…

House Icon, Thegrav, Ryan BerryIt’s supper simple, and looks pretty damn cool. ¬†It will also fit perfectly in my clients WordPress theme. ¬†But it is missing something.

A quick tip here:  when I was finished with the line work I selected all my lines and expanded them.  (Object > Expand).  This way, since I relied a lot on stroke weight to suggest shape, I can re-size this sucker at whim and it looks the same.

Now I need this little thing to pop! ¬†I have decided to do this by trying to merge the “social media” icon look and the cell shaded cartoon look. ¬†Wish me Luck! ¬†My first step is to decide on a light source, in this case I am gonna put it in the upper left hand corner, just “off” camera.

Houseing Icon, Ryan Berry, TheGrav

Another tricky thing to keep in mind is perspective.  Generally speaking the laws/rules of perspective are something you can tweak, or outright ignore when looking at cartoon like images.  However tossing them out whole-sale can get you into a bit of trouble.

As you can see in this image I am starting to get my shadows placed but I am having an issue with the shadow edge in the chimney.  As I keep working it may be less noticeable or I may find away to fix it.

With lots of suggested lines, like I have here, it is all about balancing to get those shapes to truly pop.

House Icon, TheGrav, Ryan BerryI have added a second shading color, I also spent some time softening all my hard edges, by the time this is re-sized and read to be deployed really minute details like those hard edges are hard to see.  However the all around effect is that the image is just a bit softer, which is worth the extra time.

Now a light source does more than create shadows on the object, so I have some choices to make here.  I am not going to add a shadow to the ground, but I am going to add a few high-lights.

Like I do with most of my work, I am currently zooming in, zooming out, getting up from my chair, and just really looking at this object from as many angles as I can.

Here it is after a few highlights, and now it is time to sleep on it. ¬†I am honestly not sure how it will get used! ¬†Cool Icon? ¬†RSS Feed button? ¬†hmmm…

House Icon, TheGrav, Ryan Berry