A buddy of mine and I are working on a Fantasy Campaign setting we plan to use in our own RPGs as well as possibly play test and release to the public.  Based on this a lot of my recent sketch work has been centered around this project.  Here is some of the work I have done.

Gnome Artificer, Dungeon and Dragons, SteampunkHere is a Gnome Artificer, with is pseudo-beyholder familiar.

Kobold, AssassinThis is Kasen, a Kobold assassin.

Diablo 3, First Impressions

Diablo 3 Title Screen

So this weekend I sat down and made it a goal to play through the Diablo 3 beta.  The game is amazing, beautiful, and all I had hoped for.  Diablo and Diablo 2 have always been huge favorites in my classic games collection.  During my high school years I must have racked up hundreds of hours in Diablo alone.  So maybe it comes as no surprise that I like this title so much.

I decide to go ahead and run about the 3 levels of the beta as a Demon Hunter.  I set out with my hand crossbow and a good dose of arrogance.  From what I played the graphics are amazing, water, mist, smoke, ruble, fire… everything is done to the level we have all come to expect from Blizzard.  The Character animations are also pretty damn cool, and the voice acting is a nice touch.  Not only do all of the characters talk now, which is pretty sick, but as you discover new enemies you get a cool little voice clip from one of the game setting’s scribes!

Demon HunterHowever don’t come to this game expecting something ground breaking and new.  Sure all sorts of things are new, dungeon generation, character classes, skills, but for the most part it is still the Diablo I loved as a kid.  Hack, Slash and Smash through the enemy, random barrels, coffins and floor tiles to get EXP and loot!

You still have your basic Diablo II style random dungeons that don’t have to do with the Quest, but are cool distractions.  There is still a huge surface world to explore, and lots of critters to track down and kill.

One improvement I really liked, other than the new class and new skills, was that as you get new armor, your avatar changes!  This of course also goes for weapons, which Diablo II also featured.  There is nothing cooler than upgrading to a new chest armor piece, and getting a new bad-ass red cloak!

This is a title I am looking forward to wasting hours on when it is finally released!



Gree Energy Wand

A long time ago….

A friend used to run a d6 Star Wars game, I played the smuggler with no Force Powers.  So I got to find and steal all sorts of exciting and dangerous Alien Tech!

I have no idea what a Gree is or what their weapons look like but this is what I always saw in my head, so I drew it… 12 years later..

Illustration, Star Wars, Character DesignNot sure which I like better…