Sticker Graffiti

Another thing I hunt for… graffiti and sticker bombs..  Here are a few:


SDSU College area2012-08-05_19-11-49_799

On the walk I take with the kids (french bulldogs) every mornin`…2012-08-09_23-44-53_826

Brewery Artist Colony in LA…2012-08-09_23-45-04_250

Brewery Artist Colony in LA… 2012-08-09_23-47-08_631

Vista, CA2012-08-09_23-48-56_52

Brewery Artist Colony in LA… 2012-08-10_00-27-25_846

Parking lot of the Brewery… 2012-09-01_09-09-45_58

Milwaukee, Italian District…

Mas Fina Cantina, Carlsbad, CA… 2012-12-22_08-57-34_79

Cable box along one of my running routes… 2013-01-13_13-19-27_959Off a Hiking trail in San Diego…



Making a Zombie movie…

As many of you know a few months ago… about 6 or so, a group of friends and I set out to make a zombie movie.  Picking the Action/Horror genre, not only seemed pretty damn fun but also got us into a spotlight inside the small film scene.  Ever since we started the project we have tried to chronicle whats been going on throughout the process through a series of Video Blogs on YouTube.

Being that this film is a side project it has dragged a bit, and our original release date passed us by.  However that doesn’t mean we have given up!  We are nearing the end of the road with our first project under the Digital Raven name, and we have already begun to talk about out next few projects.  Here are both our trailers, and hopefully we will be able to make our new deadline which is to release by the end of the month!



And Trailer two.


Please check out our channel to see our other videos, get some cool sneak peeks, and of course to follow our future projects!

As we move into our next project, which is a reboot of an old StarCraft 2 Video, I will be following my custom, prop, and set design progress both on and our Digital Raven YouTube Channel!

Please be sure to follow both!


New Painting

Some friends are involved with AIDS LifeCycle here in San Diego, and sent out a blast on Facebook to get as many of us involved as they could!  As part of the event there is a raffle that will be taking place on March 31st, so I offered my hands as a painter.

Being that my style is normally pretty dark, I decided I would try something a bit different but still stick inside my favorite genre: post-apocalyptic.  Here is the first glimpse of my Tank Girl inspired painting for the event:

Ride to end AIDS

I will be doing both a acrylic on canvass and digital painting for this piece, make sure to watch my blog to follow some step by step updates!


Dealing with Life and Death..

Two weeks ago, right as our production team was gearing up to film City 7 and doing all the last minute things that come up, I ran to Morro Bay to a family reunion and to make a few connections to get City 7 just a bit further along.  While we (Myself and R my girl) were up in Morro Bay we received some pretty hard news.

A good friend of ours was the San Diego Police Officer that was killed on the I-15 October 1st, 2011.  Jason Prokop and I had been friends for a little over ten years, R having met him about 4 years ago right after we had begun dating.  Jason was all set to help us out as an on site medic/production assistant with the film, and is the guy responsible for helping me figure out how the “pandemic” that reduces humanity the shambling undead was made and spread.

He was also an amazing friend, and truly an inspiration and role model.  I have heard plenty of theories over the years that no one can ever be truly “selfless”, but Jason truly was.   Even up until his last minute as he tried to help another wounded driver.  His career as a Police Officer and Army Ranger Drill Instructor also prove what a selfless and amazing guy he truly was.

He is the first of our group of friends to perish, and his death has hit all of us very hard.  Not only was he the nicest guy you could meet, and the world has truly grown just a shade darker, but we now all have to face the fact that we are not immortal.

When we returned from Morro Bay I through myself into work and preparing for the movie shoot, my way of not dealing with what was going on really.  However I have been grounded, both the San Diego Police Department and the Army Rangers came out in force on Saturday to honor Jason, and offer support to his wife and two young boys.  This has been the 6th Funeral I have attended(3rd Military Service), but it was by far the hardest.  It may be because I am older now, or perhaps because I was powerless to help Jason’s wife and kids…

I am back however, maybe stronger, maybe not, and armed with the knowledge that as long as I remember Jason he is truly never lost or forgotten.

RIP Buddy, RLTW.



The San Diego Police Officers Association has established a trust fund for Officer Prokop’s family. Donations can be mailed to:
Officer Jason Prokop Family Trust
c/o San Diego Police Officers Association
8388 Vickers Street
San Diego, CA 92111

City 7: Our Posters so far…

I have been splitting my time between all 3 posters, and my normal freelance workload.   It has really shown me one thing… I need a Patron!   Any takers?  🙂

Anyway on to my progress so far.

Zombies, City 7, Action/horror

As you can see in this screenshot, I am primarily just laying down my colors and tones as well as my design and themes.   I also tracked down the fonts I wanted to use.

Our City 7 logo uses Boston Traffic, I tracked down the Friday the 13th font to use for the tagline.  And a quick jump over to Google helped me track down a font called Steeltongs, that looks pretty good for all the promotional information!

This is as much as I have done for Poster 1!  Poster 3 will probably be the first I finish.

Keep an Eye out for more!


City 7 Posters, Thumbnails

Most art projects start with thumbnail sketches.  This is true of my work, I like too work quick and dirty and small laying out the idea rather than focusing on the details.  This really helps to get the basic theme of what I am designing and I find it to be the one of the best starting places.

Illustration, Zombies, ThumbnailsIllustration, Zombiesillustration, zombies

Here we have the 3 thumbnails I choose form all the quick ones I did while trying to come up with the City 7 Movie poster.  I am trying to stick with a classic painted movie poster look, along with the classic 27″ x 41″ layout.   So as I drew these I tried to smash them into what I thought that box might look like.

Once I had decided on these three I took the first two and did a bit more detail work on them.  The third one will be done mostly in photoshop, with just some finishing work to make it look like a painting, as where the others will actually need a bit of painting and finishing.

Zombie, Movie Poster, City 7Here is poster number one in more detail.  The Scanner I am using is not the best, but still this should show a bit more of what I am trying to get towards.  I added room at the bottom for the movie bits, I have two fonts used, and I have more detail on the central and later to be painted figure.

My copy is very light so I can start to outline it and lay color down with Painter or Photoshop without having to compete with myself.  🙂  Realistically I will use my actual hand sketch as a constant reference as I work, making sure that the details I want on this Zombie come out just right.

Zombies, Illustration, City 7 This is the second poster done with a bit more detail.  This one is personally my favorite, because of the dynamic of having three zombies, as well as how I have gone a little over the top to really show off some of what So Cal residents know is San Diego.

All three posters will take a mix of work in Painter, Photoshop and possibly some 3d.  However I am going to try to stick with mainly just Painter and Photoshop.

All my elements are decided on and basically in place, so I will move onto the next step which is basically collecting some resource materials and setting up the “standard” poster elements.  Such as: size, credits, background color.

More to come as I move forward.  Also I am still doing #sketchaday work but I am not taking the time to scan it in!  Once City 7 work has calmed down just a bit more, I will begin to post those again!


City 7: The Dead Never Rest.

We have officially launched our IndieGoGo Campaign for City 7.  To track our progress or to help us out please run on over the City 7 on IndieGoGo and nab one of our Sweet Uber-Cool Perk packages!!!  Which we have not gotten around to photographing any of yet.  🙂

Anyway it is time for me to buckle down and being to work on the movie poster!  I know I know, we are this far along with no movie poster.. WHAT!!

Personally I grew up as a Star Wars kid (My step-mom also really loved Star Trek, but I try not to hold it against her :P) so I have always been drawn to the painted style movie posters over the photographic versions.

Classic Movie Poster, A New Hope, Star Wars

Step 1 is the idea.. step 2 is GO TO GOOGLE!  A quick search for classic movie posters showed me all sorts of awesome old school illustration and painting posters, just what I was looking for!

But wait.. then I remember Left 4 Dead.  For anyone that read my blog and isn’t a huge gamer geek, Left 4 Dead had some amazing movie poster style loading screens.  All this research led me to step 3, which is the “…” part.  In this case it means I will be doing a bit of art!

It has been awhile since I have done anything this complicated and exact, so I set myself to collecting just a bit more information.  For instance classic movie poster(or those made before 1985) were 27″ x 41″.

Valve, Left 4 Dead, Video GamesWith my inspirations laid out, my size research completed and an idea of where I wanna be, it is time to set out!

City 7 takes place in San Diego, and features a cast of ten characters, plus an uncounted horde of zombies.  I will not be trying to crunch all of that onto one poster!  But San Diego, and some Zombies, now that is do-able!

Stay tuned!  I will be following my poster design process for the next few days!  Estimated time is around 60 hours for this entire project!


City 7

So, as I have mentioned more than once in the past myself and a friend put together a little production company here in Sunny San Diego so we could make dark and moody horror/action films!

<sarcasm>Apparently we get to much sun and just long for storm clouds and rain and darkness! </sarcasm>

Our first film, up until now code named: HAVOC, will be City 7 and it will follow a group of soldiers as they move through the decaying city fighting ZOMBIES! More about the world can be found on my Fictional Blog: HAVOC.

We have begun to work on a series of Webcasts that will follow our work and feature the technology we plan to use as well as snip-bits of the story and future release.  Our YouTube channel is Digital Raven, and you can find us on Facebook as Digital Raven as well.

As this is a complex world and big project a few of my past and future #sketchaday ‘s willillustration, Concept design deal with the HAVOC world.  In fact here is today’s sketch!


More to come


Crashing that Castle!

I have been toying with the idea of buying Castle Crasher‘s for the last few months.  The reviews were great, the game looked fun, and the toys(Models) are awesome!  I happened upon the Behemoth booth this year at PAX and picked up the Pink Knight, the Blue Knight and the game token for XBox Live.

Castle CrashersNow normally I would have rushed home, installed the game and played it right then!  But it was Sunday, we had a 3 hour flight ahead of us, and when I got back to San Diego there was a little pile of things that needed doing…  So I finally got it installed last night!

This was a baaaad idea… Not only has it been very hot in Southern California(We don’t have AC so when it is 85 outside all night, it is 85 inside all night), but I threw in one of the most entertaining games I have played in awhile onto our reasons not to get good sleep!  Myself and my fiance played for a good 3 hours!

This is simply one of the most exciting and entertaining games I have played in awhile, and it is an Xbox Arcade title!  The graphics are fun, everything has a painted feel to it, it’s smooth and the details are amazing even if a bit childish.  The side-scrolling hack and slash is fast paced and your enemies drop either coins or food, and as the game says Share your food, but not your money!  The leveling system allows you to customize your little dude “just” enough for the play style, and the humor built into the game just keeps getting better!

Of course, the fact that my fiance is playing a Pink Knight, who bashes things over the head with a lolly-pop, shoots rainbow heart arrows, and uses a magical rainbow as an attack sums up a good chunk of the humor right there.  Then there is a level where the background critters shit themselves to get away faster… I mean this is the game I wanted when I was ten!  Thankfully Behemoth got around to making it 18 years later 🙂

Castle Crashers, BehemothFrom a mechanics stand-point it is fairly simple.  Smash, Heavy Smash, Ranged Smash, Smash it with Magic, and Jump are your options to attack.  You also have a shield to block with and alternating your attacks allows you yo do some pretty cool combos.  As mentioned earlier there is an experience bar, and the ability to customize your little dude on Strength, Magic, Defense, and Agility.  There are a number of one time use items like healing potions, and bombs.  You get a shield to block most attacks, and everything drops loot!

Of course LOOT is not split, so you get to scramble to steal it before those you are playing with can!  I may have come “late to the game” with picking this title up but it is worth it!  If you have been on the fence or just need a good quick title this may be the one for you!