ARM Naval Weapons

More work on the Savaged Universe.  Still working on the political and governmental structure with the help of Freemind, but one of things I have figured out is most of the military structure.

The Imperial Navy is supported by the ARM Marine Corps.  Ships of the Imperial Naval line are patrolled and guarded by ARM Marines.  Most ships transport at least 3 full platoons for ship to ship combat and foothold actions(Planet side invasions) as well.

Lower ranked Naval Officers are often placed in charge of ARM Marine patrol and platoons, and so most are trained in and use ARM weapons.  Here are a couple quick sketches.



Both weapons are specifically designed to be used by unmodified Naval and Marine personnel, during ship boarding and ship defending actions.  The single fire Long Pistol fires a small full jacketed round, designed to cause massive damage to organic material only.  Capable of being used either full auto or semi-auto, weapons training normally stresses that officers and troopers fire only one round at a time.  The small size of the round was designed to not puncture the bulkheads and internal system of a spacecraft.

The Kinetic Force Stun Blaster was designed to be slung around in a few quick motions before discharging energy in a blast that was designed to stun or knock an opponent out.

More to come!


Beyond the Shadows of The Stargate…

In speaking with a friend who follows this blog, a question was raised as to whether or not my plan had been to paint the Stargate.  As mentioned before, I always need to take a few days to review a piece before I finish it.  My plan had been to make a Warp Gate, basically a fixed point in space that anchors and maintains at least one side of a wormhole.

Warp Gates occur often in modern science fiction.  The Stargate is one example.  The numerous Warp Gates scattered around the EVE Online Universe another, the Mass Relay that knits the Mass Effect universe together.  Even in the Savaged Universe I created, FTL(faster than light) travel mainly circles around the use of Gibson Gates, giant rings in geosynchronous orbit around specific planets in each system controlled by the Humanity and her allies.

warp gate revisions, digital painting, Ryan Berry

Since my original gate seems to be a little too close, artistically, to the Stargate, I decided I needed to add something to it.  An inner ring, that might somehow move, or shift when the gate is turned on was my first thought.

Revision 2, Warp Gate, Science Fiction, Digital Painting, Ryan Berry

I picked a gold color for several reason, but mostly cause it looked cool, and compliments the outer ring well.

Warp Gate, Science Fiction, Digital Painting, Ryan Berry

I again turned to rusted and beaten metal textures, which I then layered over the painting and very specifically erased the parts I didn’t want.  I also had to decide on where to place the crystals on the inner ring.

Warp Gate, Science Fiction, Digital Painting, Ryan Berry

Again in this image you can see more added texture, along with the addition of the two crystals.  Texturing is really easy to over due, and it can be hard to remember that rule and erase.  I have found that it is better to be kinda brutal, especially if you are going to layer a lot of textures, or if you have some larger design.

Warp Gate, Digital Painting, Ryan Berry

In this case I wanted to add a texture that made the object feel manufactured, and a bit more high tech.  I choose a beehive styled texture, and then set about erasing that parts I didn’t want.  I then used a rock texture to erase and ware down a larger area which I then painted and blended to look even more worn and beaten.

These gates might be pinnacle of late 21st Century Human achievement, but they are old, and they orbit through space.  This means that they are thrust into a very dangerous environment, where pebbles are capable of destroying entire spacecraft.


Old Sketches, New Life

Taking a quick look through some old sketches, organizing them, and deciding which of my old pieces are gonna get absorbed into new work 🙂  Here are a few.

Alien Pilot, Savaged, Ryan Berry

Alien pilot concept, getting folded into the Savaged universe.

Wild Elf, Ryan Berry

Old DnD Character, need to re-do her, and then work her into my Galdor Universe.

Darth Mandy, Star Wars, Sith, Ryan Berry, Digital Painting

Joke character a buddy of mine brought up at dinner 8 years ago, needs to be repainted, and lose the Disney style..

Not sure what order, or what will be first, just a quick look at the horizon.


The Majo’rian, Races From the Stars

Savaged is a dangerous Universe, full of races based years of my character and concept designs.  Most of which are not the pleasant cuddly types you find on the small forested moon of Endor.

Majorian, Character Design, Ryan Berry

The Majo’rian are a race based upon the concept of a world where their version of the Third Reich won.  An entire empire that is completely lacking in the diverse rules that make up, what we consider, normal human life.  With that level of ethnic cleansing the race suffered as many hardships as they have had triumphs.  A singular vision and drive has given the race an almost unparalleled level of bio-designed technology, yet their minds are fractured and  tortured landscape.
Majorian, Savaged, Character design, Ryan Berry.Easily taken by madness, and often sporting weakened immune systems and a wide variety of rare genetic mutations.  It has taken all the science and medicine of an entire solar empire to develop the cures and genetic/cybernetic advances for what ails this “master” races sometimes frail and fragile bodies.  However no amount of science, reasoning or technology has managed to cure their rage, hatred, and almost boundless drive to murder all other races they encounter.

Majorian, Character Design, Savaged, Ryan BerryTheir technology blends bio-engineering with genetic manipulation on a level that almost marvels and surpasses the rest of the Universes technological races.  Their factories are great fields given over to literally growing their spacecraft, their weapons, and their medical technologies.  Their conquest for genetic perfection has led to a passionless and efficient system were the entire race is grown, rather than born.  Either created or brought into existence to be a warrior, a ships commander, or doctor, based on the needs of the empire.

Majorian, Character Design, Savaged, Ryan Berry.Their megalomaniacal drive to become the single surviving race of the universe has led them to become of of the most dangerous and warlike forces.  Their expansion having led to the first and third Galactic Wars, as well as the establishment of the Majo’rian Line.  Their Empire being one of the single largest threats to the Federation of Known Species.   Expansion however has been but a small piece of the Majo’rian’s master plan, as they have reached out to conquer as much of the surrounding universe as they can, they have systematical cataloged, and then eradicated any and all intelligent life they have come across.  The genetic materials of all the other races they have come across being folded into their science, as they have picked and chosen the parts of each they wish to keep, copy and modify for their own continued hold on the insane and perfected idea of a “Master” Race.

Majorian, Character and Concept Design, Savaged, Ryan Berry

The Majo’rian are possibly one of the scariest concepts I have ever tried to describe through my art.  But the world of Savaged is filled with endless possibilities, some dark and some unimaginably beautiful.