Divide by zero…

My free time has become a black hole, sucking in an ever growing job list of personal and professional projects.  This is part of what has led me to slack a bit on my blog, but since almost everything I do has some connection to the art and design world, I figured it is probably a good idea to show case what goes on all around me, that I don’t consider “personal” work.

I regret that my #sketchaday and Lain projects have fallen to the wayside, but they are still there and when I can snatch a rare hour or two to work I am.

City 7 has developed a bit of a following, and at present that following is almost strictly confined to Facebook and YouTube, but not for long.  Last week I began working on http://www.city7themovie.com, and pretty quickly discovered that I needed to pick a direction.

City 7, Web-designI decided, based on the slowly growing fan-base on FB, to go with more of a community based design vs. the typical Marvel new movie design that has a few trailers and not much else.

This is the skeleton of the site so far, and even though there is not mush there, I have already started to build upon some major foundations.  First off, even if I don’t end up utilizing it, I laid most of the site out with .php.  I find that this always me a bit more ease when it comes time to change, move, or modify an aspect.  Also if I ever get a heavy enough fan-base or lots of traffic.. well I don’t have to redo the plumbing. 🙂

Deciding on elements and pages was important too, what are some of the things are fan going to want to know?  One of the things I learned from the actors, as well as from our pre-production indiegogo campaign, is that a lot of people want to know more about this world.  How does it work?  Who lives it in?  Is there more to the story?

We also had a huge turn-out of amazing actors and extras, a lot of which are interested in seeing what is coming next, working with us, and getting more involved with promoting the movie.  (In fact Pia Thrasher, the actress that played Scout, has already blogged about us on her own wordpress.)  We also allowed our extras and actors to snap photos, as long as it didn’t interfere with filming or get in the way, and we know there are hundreds of great shots floating around.

With all this in hand, the site began to structure itself.  We need a home page, for breaking news(although in the future News may have it’s own page) and trailers.  Background and Character guides, to help people that didn’t read the script or pick my brain on set.  And a Forum for our Actors, Extras, Crews, and fans to connect on, share stories, ask questions, and swap pictures.

Sometimes that is the hard stuff, other times it is the easy stuff as in this case, and the hard part is getting to flow.  I don’t mean work, I can make it work, pretty easily too.  But how do I build up a site that is easy to use, informative, and fun to look at?  Well Art and Design is my answer.

City 7 Movie Still, GhostNext step I took was to look through some of our movie stills and see if there was a good, gritty, dark feeling, still I could snag to use as a background.  Now we shot everything with good lights, and at the highest quality, the gritty and dark bit is a lot easier to do in post production.

Just like with normal art work stuff it is possible to mess most things up, it is very hard to make them better without redoing them completely.  So what I need to do now is get it tweaked just the way I like it and then make it a nice background for the trailer window to sit in.

For now this is as far as I have made it!  However our trailer is out.. so I have a very real deadline!