Weapon Design…

As an avid reader of ImagineFX, and an artist that splits his attention between Sci-fi and Fantasy, I have seen a fair share of vehicle and weapon design articles.  In fact even a few character and creature design articles follow the same rules, often times a designer or artist will start with a silhouette.  In order to combine a few different weapons in order to come up with a new design I have decided to go with the silhouette method.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you may be familiar with my Illustrator tutorials, this is one of the case where Illustrator comes in handy.  In the future I will cover how to trace objects in Illustrator both by hand and with the Trace Tool.

Weapon Design silhouettes, TheGrav, Ryan BerryHere are the three weapons I have decided to attempt to combine.  Up top is the C-14 Impaler from Star Craft and Star Craft 2, this is the gun I need to stick close to as I design.   Next is the FN Herstal p-90, a weapon that has a long history with sci-fi television and movies.  Last is the KRISS, a pretty amazing and very new piece of weapons technology.

Both the P-90 and the KRISS are modern weapons with a very next generation or futuristic look, perfect for what I am going for.  Their is also a huge amount of resource material on each of these guns, so even when I do move forward into sculpting the master we will use to make all our props, I have a wealth of resources to fall back on.

Weapon Design, Star Craft 2, TheGrav

I have begun to tear this apart look at the pieces I like, and combine them in ways I think the weapon will/should look.  As you can see I have also created a butt stock from scratch.  At this point you can still tell what weapon is what, but I have begun to merge the parts I like, and the original P-90 is pretty much gone.

There really are no rules on how to do this, so it is a lot of what looks good as you go.  Working on weapon silhouettes only helps to enforce this, as I have no distraction that will sidetrack me into the small details.

N-15 Enforcer, TheGrav, Star Craft 2

Here is my finished silhouette.  I have named the Enforcer, and come up with some random numbers.  To finish it I dragged in the barrel of the C-14 Impaler, cut out the middle support (it looked funny), and then worked the body around a bit more to get the styles to match.  I also did some tweaks to the top in order to set the design up for an optics system in the future.  My next step is going to be turning the silhouette into something I can paint.

I will do some more hard line work in Illustrator, drag it into Painter and finish it up so I can present it to the other guys working on the film.

Be sure to follow my updates!  More to come!