I have become Death…

A while back I posted the sketches I had begun to make of the four horsemen.  War is pretty much wrapped up, I have yet to really finalize any of the other horsemen with the exception of Death.

Death, 4 Horsemen, ThegravMy idea behind Death is of a specter dragging itself through the trenched to World War I collecting the souls of those damned to endless serve in the forever wars.

When all the horsemen are finalized I plan to do a few paintings, and possibly work them into a comic or something.


The Secret War, WWII

Awhile ago I posted a few images on “The Secret War” and mentioned that I had played around with the idea that it has always raged just underneath out feet.

Well this weekend I was inspired(as I tore through a few dozen sheets of paper coming up with the movie posters thumbnails I have decided on..) and took a second to sketch this little dude up.

Illustration, Mouse, Cute, World War IIThis guy is supposed to be a World War II special forces Mouse.  The idea here being that the Nazi’s were in league with the Grey Ones, in order to find the Object through their rumored Occult Services.

I enjoy little side stuff like this!

Anyway soon I will have the first steps of the movie poster up!  As a disclaimer I am guessing Sketch a Day is gonna fall by the wayside as I work through this project.