Mason’s Monument to Washington, Photoblog

Free Mason‘s Monument to George Washington..


Full view, I admit in these few photos… you gotta wonder if Dan Brown knows something.  Very imposing and totalitarian architecture.




Totally had a Kung-Fu Panda Moment..


During this DC trip, I somehow started catching all sorts of Orbs.


FRONT DOOR!  It was made for Giants!


Washington Accepting a surrender in a mural.




Room built to look like an original Mason Lodge, the chair in the background was Washington’s at one point.




More pictures and items from that same original Mason hall.


Dentist and surgeon… had a set of twin dueling pistols.  Apparently “do no harm” was not part of the code back in the day.


Cool crest in the museum part…


The Desk Washington took to war, the other side of the desk would have been used by his adjunct.





Relics from the Washington household…


Old brick buildings in Alexandria 🙂


View from the top of the tower, into Old Alexandria.


View into the Capital Mall from the top of the Tower in Alexandria.


Masonic symbol seen from the tower…


Georgetown… a Dad guided tour…

A hundred years ago, exactly one year before I was born(according to my sister…), my Dad went to Georgetown.  In fact I think he may have been there, or still in the area when a certain set of steps became famous worldwide.  Hint: That is a reference to a Horror movie, and a priest…

What better person to give you a guided tour… here is what Georgetown looks like:

Old brick buildings…

This house was for sale… 6.5 Million, IIRC

Between The Exorcist stairs and the old trolley station, HUGE house…

Graffiti at the top of The Exorcist stairs, reminded me of Operation: Mindcrime and Max Payne.

The Infamous stairs… Apparently no one that goes to Georgetown likes them, cause they are a bitch to use, not because some dude flew down them at the end of a movie..

Steps up the to the Main Campus…

No clue why I took this one…

Awesome, Crazy, Building…

Founding crest mosaic…

Washington gave one of his speeches form this porch, just across from the Jesuit living quarters…  You can Taste the history in some of these places.

The new and the Old, the Building on the right was not as big when my Dad and Mom attended Georgetown.

These are the buildings where my parents learned how to do SCIENCE!

Dad and Little sis..

So much brick…

Yep, This is in fact DC Cupcake.. but wait till you see the line…

And I couldn’t get the entire thing…

Awesome window… and this was pretty common for some of the more swanky places…and yes it is done on purpose 🙂

One of the oldest banks in the area…

The Canal… the path on the right is where mules would walk to pull the barges…

Same Canal, Facing DC Proper…


More to come from the area soon.














Where the hell did I go?

Life has a tendency to force us to grow when we need it rather than when it is comfortable or when we are ready for it.  That is where I found myself 3 weeks ago when I returned from Washington D.C.  Uncomfortable and faced with some massive personal changes.

I don’t ever try to look at events in life from a negative point of view.  So I have embraced the changes I have been faced with and begun to make some positive improvements myself.  I am notorious for starting an art project, working pretty hard on it and then not finishing.  This is one of the goals I have set for myself.

I have returned to my Serial Experiments Lain painting with the goal of finishing it by the end of this week.  I have also decided it is time to start taking a more active role in weight loss and exercise, no longer am I going to be happy with just dieting and more walking alone.  I am currently on my third week of almost daily 3 mile runs.

Finally I have decided to finish my AA programs at the local community college, this might be the most significant change I have made, as it will impact my art and my growth as an artist the most.

In other news, I have a STACK of Sketches I promise to get around to posting, and a few other projects I have also brought into the “needs to be finished” basket.


A nice Day for Guinness

PAX Prime 2011 stole me away for 4 days of fun in Sunny Seattle.  Yet again it did not rain once this year.  As a former resident of Washington State, I am really beginning to wonder if Gabe and Tycho are in league with some evil mastermind to make Washington sunny and bright during PAX….

Tradition has decreed Thursday nights as a time for Irish drinking, at Kell’s on Post Alley.  We normally find ourselves filing in around 7:30-8:00 to start the evening out slow with SHOTS! and conversations of what we are looking forward to seeing.  Shots of Jameson, Powers, Red Breast, mixed with pints of Guinness, Boddingtons, Kilkenny, and a few Irish Car-Bombs and you get a group of gamer geeks that start the hike back to the hotel with no idea where they are until the Ranger makes his survival check….

(Okay honestly we are not THAT bad.  Still most of our walk backs conversation this year centered around Paladins in DnD…)  Then we crawl into our beds, around 2 am, with every intention of sleeping off what might prove to be massive hangovers… only to wake up and 7:30 am excited as kids about to leave for Disneyland on Christmas morning.

Illustration, Sketch a Day, TheGrav

The reason we get up so early?  BYOC, a three day LAN party held at PAX every year!

After getting set-up, finding some grub, and playing a few rounds of “OMG WHY DOES THE NETWORK NOT WORK!!!” We headed into the exhibit halls to find Fortune and Glory.(Mostly Free T-shirts, and chances to play new games!)

This year was a good year for myself and my girl, she won a new mouse and mouse pad along with a mid-line Red Steel portable headset.  I won a Gigabyte gaming keyboard, 8gb of DDR3 1600 from Kingston’s HyperX series, and a $50 dollar gift card to Best Buy from NOS Energy Drinks.

Considering all this, and the fact that it seems I can no longer hide how geeky I am (wasn’t hiding it.. just trolling in Gizmodo’s general direction :P) I think I will be adding a Game/Technology section to my blog!