City 7

So, as I have mentioned more than once in the past myself and a friend put together a little production company here in Sunny San Diego so we could make dark and moody horror/action films!

<sarcasm>Apparently we get to much sun and just long for storm clouds and rain and darkness! </sarcasm>

Our first film, up until now code named: HAVOC, will be City 7 and it will follow a group of soldiers as they move through the decaying city fighting ZOMBIES! More about the world can be found on my Fictional Blog: HAVOC.

We have begun to work on a series of Webcasts that will follow our work and feature the technology we plan to use as well as snip-bits of the story and future release.  Our YouTube channel is Digital Raven, and you can find us on Facebook as Digital Raven as well.

As this is a complex world and big project a few of my past and future #sketchaday ‘s willillustration, Concept design deal with the HAVOC world.  In fact here is today’s sketch!


More to come